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Nexus Review


Ultraman Nexus in my favourite tokusatsu series from genre Ultraman (original: Uruturaman). This series is opened by a movie entitled Ultraman. At that time, there was uncertain news about confilict in Tsuburaya but I will not make any comment about that. I will make a review about this series, Ultraman Nexus. Before I watch Ultraman Nexus series, I also watch another series such us Ultraman Ace, Ultraman 80, Ultraman Tiga, Ultraman Dyna, Ultraman Gaia, and Ultraman Cosmos. All of them, I watch them but I don’t continue until the ending. I think  the story is not so good. So I just watch without observation.

Finally, I found this series on TV but unfortunately its appear in the morning, actually, before the sun rises so I have to get up early to watch that series. But, because some reasons, I can not watch the series in order. Luckily, I can get the story done and finally, I can get the series by downloading from internet.

Ultaman Nexus has unique point which another ultraman doesn’t have it. It’s a different user or you can call it host (the official site called it The Dunamist). The first Dunamist is an eagle pilot. His name is Maki Shunichi. He appears in the movie, ULTRAMAN The Next. In that movie, Ultraman Next body, his form is not complete yet. In the series, the second Dunamist appears. His name is Himeya Jun. With Jun as dunamist, Nexus has silver colored body as his default form (official site called it Anphans). His second form has red as the secondary color (official site called it Junis). 

In Ultraman series, there are tradition that there are an organization that fought the monsters. And usually, the host of ultraman is a member of that organization. This series has different thing. Jun is not member of that organization (official site called it TLT). TLT has special team called Night Riders. Jun is chased by TLT because TLT doesn’t know about the red giant (nickname for ultraman). Friend or foe? That’s the question in TLT’s head. The word Ultraman comes from a member of Night Riders, Komon. In this arc, Jun Arc, Komon meets Jun and develops some relations. Komon is different with his friends. He is sure that Ultraman is friend of human kind. Komon face tragic reality in this arc. He has to lose his girlfriend because of Dark Mephisto.  

After some adventures, and after his battle with Dark Mephisto, Nexus find the third dunamist. His name is Ren Senjyu. Ren is a young man with unknown illness. The story of Ren Arc is really sad for the dunamist. He has to fight the monster and his illness at the same time. When Ren as the dunamist, Nexus has blue color as his secondary form. This form is called Junis Blue. Nexus has an interesting special ability. Nexus can make another dimension when he is fighting the monster. This dimension is called Meta Field. This ability is so cool because it can avoid building damage or disaster from fighting in the real world. Himeya Jun can also use this ability.

After Ren return his light to Nexus, a member of Night Rider get the light from Nexus but she can hold it for a long time. Finally, the last dunamist appear. He is Komon. I have guessed this one from the beginning but I lose when I know that the ultimate enemy also member of Night Rider. So confused but that is the interesting point from this series.

Komon can access Nexus form such as Junis and Junis Blue. He also success to access the real form of Nexus, Ultraman NOA. That is the real form and strongest form of Nexus. Unfortunately, this ultimate form just appear once in the episode 37, tha last episode. At that time, I feel the same feeling when I watch Kamen Rider Kuuga the last episode. Ultaman Nexus is the best series for me. Few years later, Nexus in Noa form appear in a movie of Ultraman Zero. Zero is the son of Seven. I think Zero will become the second rank in my ranking from Ultraman character.

Ultraman Nexus has very very heavy storyline. That why it is cutted in episode 37. Extremely sad for that series. I consider that ultraman is selled for kids and when the story can not enter kid’s brain, the innovation back to basic. The next ultraman series return to a light storyline that every kid can understand. OK, these are the reviews. You have to watch that series. Its really impressive but if you looking for funny and entertaining series, I have to say : Don’t watch this series.

(Zet.@, 12 June 2013, 3 hours after midday when the printer is knocked out)

Image Ultraman
Image Next Peace
Image The Next Anphans
Image The Next Junis
Image Nexus and Ren
Image Nexus Junis
Image Nexus Junis Blue
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