Saturday, February 8, 2003

PFTW I The First


PFTW 01: PREFACE from THE WRITER (01-11)

Thank you. I say thank you…oh no..that is wrong. I write thank you for everybody who had helped me make this Magz. I also write thank you for the God. First, I want to say thank you for my little brothers. I have two little brothers. I could write in this magz because they didn’t disturb me. Do you know why they did not disturb me? Of course you don’t know! They did not disturb me because I could make them cry if they disturb me. If they cried, they would not stop crying before my house sank with their tears. Do you know the second reason? They could not disturb me because I wrote my magz in my room. I could write although they made a crowded because I had closed my ears. I could not hear anything.

Second, I want to say thank you for all of mosquitos in the my house, especially for mosquitos in the my room. They did not disturb me while I was writing in this magz. But they would attack me while I was sleeping. They bit my body. Oh that’s wrong. They don’t have teeths. This is the right sentence, they stung my body and absorbed my blood. But I was fortunate because they only little creature. I could not fancy if they were as big as my chicken. I think chicken is too small. This is the right sentence. I could not fancy if they were as big as my cock. If they were like my cock, maybe I have died now. One again, I want to say thank you for them because they didn’t disturb me. Do you know (the reason) why? I had killed them before they could disturb me. I killed them with my own hands. (Saturday, 09-02-02)


I didn’t kill them with fire or you can read, I didn’t burn them. My God dislike if human being kill animals or the other creatures use fire. Because fire is God’s Way to punish the wrong people in the hell. God doesn’t want if human being follow his way to punish the wrong people. 
Sometimes, I didn’t kill them. I tried to make them go from my room. If they didn’t want to go to from my room, I will kill them. I didn’t have choice. Eventhough they are small, they can disturb me. They also can make a bad voice when they are flying. But now, they can not disturb me again because I have an agreement with their leader. They could not attack me again because if they attack me again, I would destroy their habitats. They lay their eggs in the water so I would boil the water if I wanted to drink it. If I didn’t boil the water, many diseases would enter my body. I think, that sentences are wrong. The sentences were not written in the agreement. This is the right sentence. If they attack me, I will destroy their eggs so they can extinct from my area. But I have to help them too. If I don’t want, they can call king of the mosquito from other galaxy. Then the king will kill me. But the king is very very bad. He will kill all of earth’s mosquitos too. So I have one score of them. If I am killed by their king, they are killed too by their king. Sometimes they had some troubles about their habitat. So I had to help them. I would search the new habitat for them. I think they can be a best friend for me.(Sunday, 10-02-02).


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