Saturday, May 18, 2013


After long time without contact with my english writing, I am so nervous. In this chance, I want to start (maybe resume my ability) an english writing. I want to tell you about news on media, such as newspaper, electronic media and the strongest media monster, the internet. This news is about  this country… I think I am really nervous. I can not get the right line to write. OK. Here we go. We start again. In this few days, I just hear news about coruption and violence. This coruption system have been written by me few months ago.. So, this time, I want to write about violence. This act was done by some people (this community called genk) of motorbikers. In this writing, I will call them genk motor.  
This genk, at first is just a gathering people but now, genk grows to be a criminal unit that doing criminal actions. The sad thing is, some young students following this genk motor. I don’t know why they follow the genk. Maybe just filling their time, or to prove their existance, their skill, so that another people will acknowledge them.
We can not blame these student for that wrong action. Its not their fault. Its also not the fault of their school. So, is this their teacher’s fault? No. Of course not. Then, it means their parent at mistake? Its not like that either. The blame goes to anybody that give them motorbike. If they don’t have motor, it will be difficult for them to join genk motor. But if the will to join genk motor is the first (main) reason, they join the genk even they don’t have any motor. Just like the wiseman said, the will will break any wall that stand on their way.
The savest thing is, just give them a bike. Its enough for these brats. The student of junior high school and senior high school are in live critical time or you can call it labil time. In this period, students are looking for themselves. They looking a character, they build a character for their future. If they get bad influence in this period, their personality (according to the research) will crash and build a bad personality. It’s a logic law in life. Environtment can change you, build your character to the right way or to the wrong way.
I just remember a phrase from a T-shirt. “The more fast you ride on your motor bike, the more close you to the God”. I smile when I read that phrase. In some point of view, it is a right sentence but it has a deep meaning. I want to explain that meaning but my eyes want to take a rest. So I want to finish this terrible writing as soon as possible. I just hope that the genk motor that do criminal crimes, criminal actions, and another type of crimes, will be erased from this lovely country. I hope they will be eliminated without any trace so that theres no more seeds for that kind of community.
The  opposite group of genk motor is motor club. They will make coorporation with the police when they are in actions. Sometimes, we marked people from motor club as genk motor. It have to be cleared that genk motor is not motor club. Motor club always do positif things and never (maybe once) do negatif things. As closer, I want to close this writing with a high hope for students as the next (future) generation for this  lovely country. Don’t waste your time for unusefull action. Use that for better future. (Zet.@, Saturday, 18 May 2013, road to midnight)

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