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One Piece Review

Thats What Friend Are For

If you are common people, you will think that is a brand for fashion, maybe. You get it wrong. Its not a fashion. That is an anime title (Japanese cartoon). This time, I will tell you why I watch this long series. Until I write this writing, this anime is not ended yet. The manga is still continuing too. The last chapter I get is chapter 711 and the anime in episode 600. This anime get very very good point from me. If I am not mistaken, I meet this series when I was in senior high school. The drawing has its own style and when I follow the story, it is very very interesting. Some of you, maybe you don’t like the drawing style but you have to try to watch this series first. This story can entertain you from your boring life. One piece has adventure as its genre. The story sets in an alternative world.

OK, lets tell the reason why I follow this story until this time. The story is so close to our real world. Even the government of the world jugde some group as criminal, in the reality, the wanted is the real hero for the common people. In this story, the main group were a pirate (kaizoku). The world marked them as the guilty (criminal) organization but in the reality, they are the main hero in this story. What I am trying to say is, the marine as the supposed to be hero, is not always in the good side and the pirate as the supposed criminal is not always stand in the evil side. The group is called Strawhat pirates (Mugiwara Kaizokudan). Mugiwara member teaches us not to give up when we are chasing our dream. So, We have to fight until the last time up. Mugiwara member also told us about the friendship, friend (nakama) and how strong the bond (kizuna) between them.

Mugiwara pirate consist of (1) Monkey D. Luffy as the captain, (2) Zoro as the vice captain, (3) Sanji as cook, (4) Nami as navigator, (5) Usopp as sniper (and liar), (6) Chopper as Doctor, (7) Robin as archeologist, (8) Franky as Shipwright and (9) Brook as the musician. They have their own dream but they can work together to support Luffy to be the Pirate King. Their bond is not like a team mate but like a family. Its so romantic. Very very touching.       

At the beginning, the series looks like so simple but when the time passed, the story is getting deeper and many mysteries appear. This series contain many references and it cover my type of anime. Its presents mecha and cyborg, one of my favourite anime genre. The mechas can do gattai (unite) too, just like super sentai series.

Every characters have their special characteristic/images. Its really really specific and unique. Some of them take the real original character from the real world such as the real pirate names, character of Michael Jacson, character of Ace Venture, Character of Valentino Rossi etc. every character also has their special attack. When I saw Dragon Ball, my old favourite anime, the attack doesn’t have any specific name except Kamehameha. In One piece, this minus is covered. The creator of one piece admired the creator of dragon Ball. That’s why I feel like dejavu on some parts when I watch One piece. Example, when Horo horo onna uses her special attack, ghost attack, I remember the attack from Gotenk when he fights Majin Bhu.

The basic reason I watch One piece is the funny moment in this anime. The moment spread in every time. Even in fighting time, you can laugh LOL when you watch this anime. You cant find that in another anime. In another anime, the fighting time is the serious time. You cant laugh at them. One piece also different from another series. This series doesn’t expose the training time like another series. The series keep the training time as secret. In another anime, the character development increase in training time.

In other side, One piece can make you cry, all out cry because some of character have tragic past or sad background. Until now, the most sad moment for me is when they say sayonara to their first ship, Merry Go. The tear can drop without you realize it. Another sad moment are the past of Nami, Chopper, Franky, Sanji… I think all of the mugiwara pirate have sad past. Nami loses her adoptive mother. Chopper loses his first friend from human kind. Franky loses his super teacher. Sanji… actually his master that loses his leg to save Sanji, Zoro loses his rival, Usopp loses his father’s love because his father join pirate, Robin loses all of her family and friends, Brook loses all of his crewmate, except Laboon. 

The destruction level One piece is still in normal level. I say it because when you watch dragon ball, in one moment, the moon can be destroyed. In another time, a planet can be destroyed. The Earth in dragon ball has been destroyed and rebuilt many times. Its destruction level has entered super or hyper level.

OK, I want to finish this review post because I have something to do. OK, I will appear in another chance, Reader. Goodbye. (Zet.@, Friday/Saturday, June 15, 2013, when lucnh time is waiting).

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