Sunday, May 25, 2003



Good morning, good afternoon, good evening, its up tp you! According your time when you read this request. I am Surgeon. I want to ask your help, especially for Druger. I need your medicines. I know you are the master of medicine (best of the best of the best). So I hope you can help me. I need your best medicines to make a surgery for Mr. Polise. I need the medicines in this week because if I am late to make a surgery for Mr Polise, he can be died. If he is died, he can not catch the criminal (of course it is right). So I hope you can prepare the medicines soon (as soon as possible or A.S.A.P).
I will write the list of the medicines that I need. They are:
1> Power medicine, I need this medicine to make Mr Polise strong.
2> Red medicine, I will use this medicine to cover the eye of the wound.
3> I need medicine which can make Mr Polise have super speed.
4> I need medicine which can make his skin hard and strong.
5> This is the last medicine. I hope you can make an ultrasuper, super medicine. If Mr Polise drink this medicine, he will be able yo fly. Fly like a bird. A big bird, giant bird. OK! Its finish!
Through this request, I also want to ask Inventor to make a super tools (maybe device) for Mr Polise. I hope the tools (I mean device) will help him catch the (wind of the) criminal. I also want to ask Inventor to store his tools (its device) in a secret place. I don’t want if Thieft steals his tools (I hope its device) again. Your tools (or device) is very very dangerous if it in a wrong person like the Thieft. OK reader. I want to ask sorry because I can not continue this request again. I have heard my stomach voice. I think they have to eat now. Goodbye reader. I hope we don’t meet each other anymore. (Wednesday, 15-05-2002, 05.35pm--05.58pm). 


I write this writing after I have my lunch. My stomach doesn’t make any voice again. If they made a lot of voice, I could not write this writing. This is my first writing. I write this request because I had run away from the jail. I want to ask sorry for/to Mr Polise because I have made a lot of troubles for him. OK, reader and Mr Polise, I hope you read this request. Before I finish this writing, I want totell you about the reason why I can go out from the jail.

One day, one of my friends visited me. He brought a lot of foods for me but oh no.. in the food, I found many kinds of weapons. In the food too, I found his letter. In the letter, he gave a lot of choices to runaway from the (cursed) jail. So I have to choose. If I don’t want to runaway from the (dark) jail, he would burn my house. So, I had to follow his order.

At night, I prepared a plan (my biggest plan, maybe). I do not call anyone. I work alone. I think I didn’t remember how I used the weapons to runaway from the (unsafe) jail. OK, Mr Polise. I want to ask sorry because I had runaway from your jail. But, maybe someday, we can be good friends.

OK, reader. I want to finish this simple request because I have a lot of jobs in my new house. I can not do anything (in this time). I have to work and work and work hardly. Maybe after I get much money, I will make another crime in this city. Just wait for my action. I promise that Mr Polise can not catch me. I am sure that I will be success in my crimes (my new crimes) but I am still try and try and try to defeat Mr Polise.

(Saturday, 25-05-2002, 01.00pm--01.25pm)



Hello reader! Especially for Betrayor. I have read your offer. I want it. That is the reason why I write this answer. I want to know about Mr Deztroyer’s plan because our men in the jail didn’t find a strange thing about their plan. I also want to know who are the betrayers in the police’s body (department). I also want to know about your last information.
I will wait your next offer but I have troubles now. I can not go to your house, Betrayor. I have to do my secret plan. I will send a friend of mine to come to your house. You can believe him. He will take your informations about Mr Deztroyer’s plan. I also send some of my men to protect you from Mr Deztroyer. He can not catch you because you are in my protection.
Oh, I think I want to ask you about a strange prisoner. You call him Jailer. You have known about his strange habits. I want to know about his habits. Does he eat human? Does he eat mosquitos? Does he drink hard poison? Can he fly? Can he swim? Is he immortal? Does he wake up every night? If he do it, maybe he is a ghost.
OK, wait a minute. I want to ask you about your last information. You said that the man always made troubles for me. If I don’t forget, the man who always make a lot of troubles for me is Ghosto Phantom. He always make strange troubles for me but I can not catch him. He always (could) run away from me. I need your informations about him (if I am not wrong). OK. Wait for my men. They will come to your lovely house soon. If you have another informations about somethings, you can call me. Thank you for your contributions. (Saturday, 23-03-2002, 06.15am--06.36am) 


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